Pre and post pregnancy low back pain

Pre and post pregnancy low back pain

Back pain is often a complaint of impregnated women. This is often characterized as axial or para-sagittal discomfort in the lower lumbar region and is musculoskeletal in nature. This can be due to a mixture of mechanical, hormonal, circulatory, and psychosocial elements. Treatment options are often poor, as the cause of back pain is not always fully understood. Furthermore, treatments that are available usually have a low success rate and consist mainly of life style adjustments and bed rest.

Discomfort in this area could maybe be contributed to changes in the posterior pelvic region, particularly the sacroiliac joints which undergo changes during pregnancy and/or stretch direct stretch of intrapelvic structures. This can manifest itself in the lumbar region and/or radiate to the buttocks and posterior thighs. Unlike radiculopathy, posterior pelvic pain usually does not extend beyond the knees. The classic description of pain felt by most women is usually a result of symptoms of both types of low back pain, lumbar and pelvic.

This discomfort can have a substantial impact on life through pregnancy and may be of variable intensity and duration. Fortunately, in most cases, low back pain resolves itself quickly after partum and does not cause any lasting issues. However, if discomfort is persistent or not of classic presentation, less common causes such as infection and preterm labor must be considered expeditiously to avoid serious consequences.

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