Growing pains

Growing pains are pain signs are often common in children. Normally, they are located in the muscles, rather than the joints, of the leg and less commonly the arm. They are usually felt on both sides, and appear late in the day or at night, waking the child, with pain varying from serene to very severe. Pain is absent by the morning, and there are no objective clinical signs of inflammation. Pain can recur nightly or be absent for days to months. Growing pain are not associated with other serious diseases and often resolves by late childhood, but frequent episodes are capable of having a substantial effect on the life of the child.


Growing pains are commonly explained as an ache or poke in the legs normally in the front of the thighs, the calves or at the back of the knees. Generally both legs hurt. Some children may also go through abdominal aches or headache during episodes of growing pains.

Growing pains generally arise in the late afternoon or early evening and go away by sunrise. Sometimes the pain awakens a child in the middle of the night.

When to see a doctor

Check with your child's doctor if you're worried about your child's leg pain or the pain is:

  • Continual
  • Still there at sunrise
  • Serious enough to conflict with your child's daily routines
  • Pain is stimulated from the joints

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